Finishing options

Tab cutting

AllTab offers a range of finishing options. You can choose either Island or Running tabs 10mm, 13mm or 15mm knife. Just a reminder if you are supplying us with printed stock to cut, make sure the board is cut to finished size and it is all uncollated – we cut all of tab #1 the cut all of tab # 2 etc – then it can be collated if you require it.

Finishing options

Spine Reinforcement

Finishing optionsClear Reinforcing can be applied to the back or the front of the binding edge to make your indexes resistant to ripping out at the punched holes. We think it looks smarter on the back! It only costs a few cents per sheet to have this done and it can save your beautiful full colour tabs from looking ripped and shabby.

Hole Punching

Standard hole punching for tabs is 2, 3 or 4 round holes. You can specify different punching or no punching.


If you choose to have the tabs collated into sets, let us know we do it all the time and it does not take us long at all then you are ready to put them in your binders without sorting them.