How to order

How to order


Contract Cutting – Printers/ Clients Who Supply Us with Stock for Finishing

If you are supplying us with pre-printed stock it is a good idea to send us the art file before you go to print (PDF) so we can check it is all lined up correctly – we know this sort of stuff! This is free of charge and could save you a reprint if there is a layup error. We require stock cut to the finished size e.g. A4 + 13mm tab = 297×223

Note: guillotining accuracy will affect tab placement. All stock is to be supplied UNCOLLATED.


We Supply All Stock and Do The Entire Job For You.

If you are either a seasoned printer or end user, we can do the entire job for you. If you cannot afford the time it takes to set the job up for print, give it to us to do. Just send us text and graphics and sort it out then sending you a proof prior to commencing.


Board / Stock Information

Paper Weight: tabs are best made using 200gsm – 350gsm. Our general in-house tabs are made using 250gsm.

Copier Tabs designed for copy machines and digital printers are 150gsm stock.

Paper Colour: An extensive range of are available – call us and ask.

Tab Extension: How far do the tabs stick out? We have 3 sizes 10mm 13mm or 15mm – 13mm is the most common size.